Hi, I have design a conversation flow for a while now and due to some inputs I got, I decided to remove some actions. For that I deleted the actions in domain.yml file and in the . However, when trying to train I get an error telling that these actions don’t exist anymore in the domain.yml . Here is the error:

NameError: Cannot access action 'utter_ask_preferedlanguage', as that name is not a registered action for this domain. Available actions are:

It seems like, Rasa memorize InMemory all the conversations history in the PC and try to use them as part of the training data and if this is right that means the solution is to purge the tracker store, but how ?

If someone knows how to fix that, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Did you use interactive training? I got a similar error because I forgot to delete the actions in the files generated by it.

@Gehova. Thanks for the reply. Yes I used Interactive learning before. Which files should I delete please and where to find them ?


When you finish the interactive training it gives you the option to export the conversations. If you didn’t append the new stories to the ones you already have, the new md files should be in the data folder.

Have just double check the data folder and I remember having append the new stories to the existing one. I can not find a place where Rasa finds that already deleted actions.

I finally found what was happening. Actually I did a lot of modifications to my previous default So In order to have a backup I copy my working stories in a file that I named file. i Thought Rasa would only take into account the file with the exact name , but it actually it seems that it merges all the md files in the data folder. So after removing “” from the data folder, this error goes.

Thanks for your help @Gehova