Rasa core online interactive training issue

Whenever I do some interactive training and save and export it, action_listen always gets added in the domain.yml file as a custom action which then creates problem the next time I try to run the rasa server. So, every time after the interactive training, I have to go and remove action_listen from the domain file. Is there a solution for this issue?

I used to have this issue in an earlier version of Rasa-Core. Maybe try upgrading if don’t use the latest. Otherwise a workaround is copying the default action_listen code to your actions file, so you won’t get an error if it gets added to the domain. But I would recommend the first.

Thanks a lot. It did solve the issue. I was using 0.12.2 version of rasa core. Upgrading it to 0.12.4 fixed it :slight_smile: