Training Data

rasa train is not working. Following line is showing up only The configuration for pipeline and policies was chosen automatically. It was written into the config file at ‘config.yml’. Nothing changed. You can use the old model stored at

@duskjk9 can you share the error screenshot. @duskjk9 You should be in the project folder and then run rasa train at the end you will see a green line message with `…/models/20210718-144338.tar.gz’ this means your bot is trained and then run rasa shell --debug.

If you still having issues please share the error screenshott.

I hope it will solve your issue.

Nothing changed in your training data and therefore there’s no need to train again. Type rasa shell to start talking to the bot.

I just want to point out that it’s weird that your bot is in the user root directory. It would be better to install it in a folder where there are no unrelated files.

@duskjk9 The configuration for pipeline…lines means when we train the model, it has some pipeline and policies in config.yml file based on that model trained, in your case its default, in your rasa journey you will get to know more and more about config, for right now it’s just fine.

@duskjk9 This is just a message, this means that nothing in core or nlu have changed i.e in simple language nothing updated in the code, every time you train the model, you will get this message if you haven’t updated the code or if you update the code you will see the different message. I hope now it’s clear to you?

I hope it solved your curiosity about this message. Good Luck! and please close this topic with the solution for others.

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