Training intents and examples via an HTTP API


We are trying to create a chatbot using rasa as NLP and would like to know if there is an API available for creating intents and train examples. We found one API model/train but from the documentation we could find that it is used to train the entire model right. What we want is to train a new intent and its examples automatically using the API


Hi, As far as I know there is no such API in rasa open source. However I believe Rasa Enterprise (rasa x) provides it.

Thanks @utsuk.prani . Will check rasa x for the api


In http://localhost:5005/model/train api should we pass the entire model or the changes that we need to update.


Hi @anjaly

If you want to train a model via the HTTP API you need to provide all data in the request itself. The server will not load any data from existing files. It just uses the data you provide via the API to train the model.