Timeout error on rasa shell

Hey, I’m testing a small chatbot and wrote some custom actions which are calling APIs and the publishing results from those APIs. So currently my few custom action are taking time to execute and for those actions I’m getting timeout error. I think there might be sometime limit on each action at the backend, so is there any way to increase that limit?

Can you run the bot with --debug and paste the stack trace of the error here? Thanks.

I think we set the response timeout to 60 min. How long does your request take?

Hi @Tanja, thanks for the reply. My model is giving error within 30 sec. I don’t know whats wrong but few of my custom actions are taking more than 1 min but are still working fine and returning results. Please find screenshots below:


I was able to reproduce the bug. I opened an issue for it (Timeout error on rasa shell · Issue #4606 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub). We will take a closer look as soon as possible.