Long running custom action with teams

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to implement chatbot where the custom action will definitely take minimum of 5 mins to complete. My issue currently is that I’m getting timeout error in the rasa core whereas the action server is still running.

Background on my process:

Chatbot takes input from the user (via teams channel) → calls the custom action (long running process(~8min)) → Output attachment to be sent back to the user via chat after apprx 8min.

As soon as the input is provided, the custom action is called and within 15sec the rasa core throws exception: TIMEOUT ERROR

I tried changing the “DEFAULT_STREAM_READING_TIMEOUT_IN_SECONDS = 360” still no luck. All other functionalities are working fine. Currently as a workaround I’m sending message “still running” every 9 seconds to keep my connection active between server & core which is working. But this cant be a permanent solution as frequent messages like this will disturb the end user.

Please advice on the solution.

Thanks in advance