Asyncio.Timeout error - Task exception was never retrieved

How to Resolve this issue?

working on latest version of rasa.


Action server:


Can you provide a little more context where this is happening and your versions you are running and such.


Thanks @btotharye , i am working on human-handoff feature. i have an file and one file that connects to human. while chatting on rasa shell and testing via postman i got that error on rasa shell.

version: Rasa 1.5.1

action file:

api file:

please check this issue @Tobias_Wochinger @erohmensing @Tanja

It seems to be related to the following GitHub Issue: Timeout error on rasa shell · Issue #4606 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub We are aware of it and trying to solve it as soon as possible.

ok, Thanks

I am testing file through Postman. But It doesn’t return any response on rasa shell or front-end.