Talk to your bot doesn't work


I have installed Rasa X and the related services bascially as described in the documentation chapter “Docker-Compose Manual Install”. In my local Windows setup only the ports in case of the Rasa worker and production services have been adjusted and the working directory has been mounted.

Using the “Talk to your bot” mode fails, since it is waiting for the reply after any user utterance. Anyway in the nginx log a post request has been stated regarding the conversations API.

Additionally when using the link to a shared bot, it constantly reloads the web chat page.

Could you assist me, please?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards, G. T.

Hey @tuegeb

Does the same happen with the latest releases of Rasa X?

Hi @degiz,

Indeed the problem could not be reproduced anymore when using a more recent Rasa (X) release.

Thanks and best regards, G. T.