Rasa X as Docker service - can't get interactive chat to work

I’m trying to run rasa x in Docker with an action server

When I use the web ui (localhost:5002) I can train the model, see the response and story files, but “Talk to your bot” doesn’t work. I’ve set the appropriate model to active.

When I try to talk to the bot, my typing flashes up on the screen, but then disappears. No response from bot.

I’ve tried using the shell from within the docker container and that works fine.

Grateful for any tips on how to get it working.

docker-compose.yaml file below

version: '3.0'
#    image: rasa/rasa-x
	#custom image built from above, with spacy and language model added
    image: rasax:1
      - 5005:5005
      - 5006:5006
      - 5002:5002
      - Weatherbot_Tutorial-master\Full_Code_Latest\app:/app
    user: root
      - RASA_X_PASSWORD=****
    #image: rasa/rasa-sdk:latest
    #custom image is from above image with apixu added for weather
    image: action_server:1
      - 5055:5055
      - \Weatherbot_Tutorialmaster\Full_Code_Latest\app\actions:/app/actions

We’ve reported this on Github — does it look like the same issue? Web chat unresponsive; API fine, other channels fine · Issue #4479 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

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Yes, looks like it