Story for when user interrupts form with a different intent

Im trying to write an unhappy path story for when a user interrupts an active form to ask about another intent. So it’s not chit chat and its not like “stop” or “no”. They just ask about some other intent that rasa classifies correctly. Is there a good approach for handling that?

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Take a look at the conversation patterns docs on unexpected input: Handling Unexpected Input

There’s also some examples of one way to do form interruptions in the financial-demo repo - this is on the 2.0 migration branch: financial-demo/stories_switch_from_transfer_money.yml at 3562baf69189cf45789674f7c912b329ffb40a0b · RasaHQ/financial-demo · GitHub

Thanks Ive already read the docs several times and it doesnt cover the scenario I’m describing. The financial-demo is more relevant to what Im asking but the trouble is we would need to add every possible intent in our corpus to that “or” statement in the example which doesnt seem manageable… Is there a way to write stories about interruptions involving other existing intents (not chitchat or asking why the form needs to be answered but just other intents) that generalizes well without having to write a story for every possible intent the user could interrupt the form with?


Hi @tatianaf im facing the same problem, did you find a solution?

One solution that we are still testing is to write stories for interruptions that deactivates the active form then calls an action in the action server which asks the user if they would like to continue with the original intent/form or switch to the new intent that they have just interrupted with. The action parses the tracker for the two intents to offer as buttons to the user. However we are still testing this solution for any unforeseen issues with this approach.

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