About interrupting the form with unexpected message from user

A form can be interrupted and remain active; in this case the interruption should come after the action: step and be followed by the active_loop: step. An interruption of a form could look like this:


  • story: interrupted food steps:
    • intent: request_restaurant
    • action: restaurant_form
    • intent: chitchat
    • action: utter_chitchat
    • active_loop: restaurant_form
    • active_loop: null
    • action: utter_slots_values

I am use rasa3 and this is the official document description.I have a question.

- intent: chitchat
- action: utter_chitchat

I think this part should come after " - active_loop: restaurant_form" .Why is it in the official description before it.I think “” - active_loop: restaurant_form"" means start loop all request slot and if If there is an interruption in the process, deal with it.