How force restating of utter_ask after interrupted Form?

I have a model with a form and a chitchat intent. I have created story(s) that allows the form to be interrupted with the chitchat and then reactivates the form.

The problem is that when I reactivate the form, it doesn’t re-utter what it said before the interruption. So the user lacks the context in their mind (although the form has the proper context).

How can I force the form to re-utter what it said before it was interrupted?

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How do you reactivate the form? Do you have logs of conversations with the broken behaviour?

OK, I found the problem… but don’t know the solution. Interactive stories keep inserting action_listen where it shouldn’t. Specifically:

When I am in a form and want to handle an exception. In interactive training, when user enters exception text, it recognizes the exception intent correctly and then I make the next step an utterance associated with that exception intent and return control to the form. This causes the most recent slot ask to be repeated, which is great… and the user can continue entering stuff into form.

However, when it saves the story, it puts an action_listen between my exception intent utterance and reactivation of the form… even though there isn’t one in the training. So I have to remember to go comb through and remove those… which is getting increasingly difficult.

Something like this:

* currency_convert
    - form_currency_conversion
    - form{"name": "form_currency_conversion"}
    - slot{"requested_slot": "from_currency"}
* form: currency_convert{"from_currency": "RMB", "to_currency": "USD"}
    - form: form_currency_conversion
    - slot{"to_currency": "USD"}
    - slot{"from_currency": "RMB"}
    - slot{"requested_slot": "curr_qty"}
* currency_rate
    - action_get_currency_rate
    - action_listen   <-- That does not belong there. I have to remove
    - form_currency_conversion
    - slot{"requested_slot": "curr_qty"}

I’m 100% sure I’m not accepting action_listen in interactive… I have checked very carefully several times.

Switched to Rasa X and that doesn’t save the extra action_listen. Problem solved.