Rules and Forms


I have been experimenting with rules and forms and I would like to request some clarifications.

I am trying to create a bot that allows users to interrupt the story whenever they like and RASA will continue the story after the interruption. This applies to forms too. I have been trying to use the following example to implement my logic (here the chitchat represents the interruption to the form:

- rule: Example of an unhappy path
  # Condition that form is active.
  - active_loop: restaurant_form
  # This unhappy path handles the case of an intent `chitchat`.
  - intent: chitchat
  - action: utter_chitchat
  # Return to form after handling the `chitchat` intent
  - action: restaurant_form
  - active_loop: restaurant_form

As I am having multiple forms (I have different categories of slots to be filled), I decided to try out without this rule (only leaving the chitchat → utter_chitchat rule). This works when I only made 1 interruption but if I made multiple interruptions, the story prediction afterwards will be wrong (for my case it keeps predicting the last action of my story and trips the circuit breaker).

I would like to check the following:

  1. Is the behaviour intended with the forms (the wrong prediction after removing the snippet above)?
  2. If yes, is there any way to condense the above to forms in general instead of writing a set of rule for every form I created? (I might need more than 10 forms, I would prefer not to write the rules 10 times)