Hi! So I have a question! Tell me if I’m wrong the way rasa works is it when a user inputs anything it looks up for that story and generate a response based on that story right. So does that story work in order? For eg.

if I have a stroy:



  • utter_greet


  • utter_ask_date


  • utter_message
  • action_report


  • utter_welcome
  • utter_ask_ques


  • utter_goodbye

So my question is do I have to a story like this for every possible conversation with the user coz that will be very inefficient. Does this story has to be in order also? Please help me with this issue. I’m not that great in coding :frowning:

It depends on the training policy you are using and also some parameters that are set in the training. I would suggest you reading this nice explanation written by Souvik about how the policies work and how the predictions are being made Trouble with 'There is no memorized next action' message.

To train your model you would definitely need at least a few sotires which would cover different conversation turns for your model to start making sensible predictions. The more good quality stories you will have, the better the predictions will be, just like in any other ML problem.