Rasa start from mid of the story

Rasa start from the mid of the story.


If user directly say thanks you story end.

Hello @prab223, welcome to the Forum!

I don’t understand your question. What are you trying to achieve?

Hi @j.mosig

so in the given story If use directly type thankyou than rasa response with handle_affirmation action

Note :- our aim is to rasa start story from starting point , and if user input anthing other than this (may be that text belong to the mid story intent ) goes to fallback .

i am try with `rasa train --augmentation 0’ but no success

If you use a machine learning policy (usually TED) in your configuration, then Rasa will always try to generalise from the stories in your training data. The more stories you have, the better that generalisation will be. If you don’t want that, then only use the Memoization policy.

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