Start Rasa X UI using instead of localhost

Hi, I installed Rasa X in our internal Linux cloud server VM. I have created the rasa application in the same project. I am able to start the rasa x but by default, it starts on localhost. I guess due to this I am not able to access rasa x in my other networked system. Would it be possible to start the rasa x in instead of localhost? That way I would be able to start the rasa x UI in any networked system.

Hey @raranjan, welcome to the forum! rasa X starts on by default. If you’d like to publish on port 80 you can do so by running rasa x --rasa-x-port 80

Thanks @ricwo. I checked the rasa x console logs and here is what we get: The server is running at http://localhost:5002/

Yes, it is localhost which is but if it starts on localhost it will only bind to itself and hence can only be accessed from the same system. Whereas if it starts on it will bind to all ip and available to others in the network.

What I am looking for is to bind the rasa x application to all ip so that it is available to other systems in the network from where I can access it.

Any ideas?

Hi @raranjan, the app indeed binds to the logging message just shows localhost for simplicity and direct browser access :slight_smile:

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You are right. Thanks. My bad. I was unable to connect over the network due to typo. It’s working like a charm.