Unique Id for each customer

I am trying to get the user Id of every unique customer but it prints “default” for every user conversation_id=tracker.sender_id print(conversation_id) I am using rasa =2.8.0 and rasa sdk 2.8.0 How to get the unique Id of each user.?

I know rasa manages each user separately but how rasa do that

i have a same issuse. And if i have two diffirent bot, does need i deploy two rasa server

If you are using custom connector then while calling on_new_message you can set a unique value for every customer by setting the “sender_id” parameter.


Building on @Vin’s answer, you can set sender_id in your frontend, like in Jitesh Gaikwad’s Chatbot Widget and then send {message: message, sender: sender_id} to the server via REST like in the send() function here.

The sender ID could be a randomly generated UUID like in the example above, which will always create a random ID every time the page is refreshed, or, for example, if you have a login option on your website, the sender ID could be a random UUID if the user isn’t logged in, or the username if they are, so that the conversation will be saved.