Specifying custom NLU and Stories data path in rasa train

I want to specify the path for my stories directory(having multiple md files) and NLU data directory separately in rasa train command using --data. I am unable to figure out how to pass these paths. Can someone please share a few examples to pass this?

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@gunagg if you want to pass files or folders, you should be able to simply list them after the param,

rasa train --data nlu_dir story1.md story2.md

The recommended way, though, is to just put all of your data in the data folder, since rasa will automatically figure out what is stories and what is nlu. So you could have the structure

|--- nlu
    |--- nlu1.md
    |--- nlu2.md
|--- stories
    |--- stories1.md
    |--- stories2,md
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