Upgrading to Rasa 1.0 while using multiple nlu training files

Hello there, So previously I was using multiple nlu training file(one md file per intent). Now in rasa 1.0 init create a single nlu.md file in data. So do I have to copy paste every intent data into a single nlu.md file or there is a pass to train nlu on a folder containing all the intent file.

Also what is best practice having single file or having one file per intent. Currently I am using one per intent and different file for lookup and synonyms.

Hi @naveen! You should be able to pass multiple data files, just put them all in one data folder and pass the folder. You can do whatever you like w.r.t one file or multiple!

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@erohmensing thanks for the reply. I wanted to know what argument I need to pass in rasa train command for the path of the folder containing the nlu data and stories data so that it can differentiate between them in the new version of rasa.

Ah, the differentiating actually happens inside, it reads the files and checks the formats. So they can all go in the same folder (if you want you can create subfolders in your data folder to keep them apart just so it’s easier for you)

thanks for the help.