Rasa train custom folder name

Hello guys! Is there a command line to train rasa nlu on a custom folder name other than ‘data/nlu’ and ‘data/rules’ , let’s say i have my training dataset on a custom folder like ‘dataset/training_data’

@anojl can you show the folder directory structure of your project?

It’s like this :

  • Actions/

  • Dataset/nlu_data/train.yml

  • Dataset/rules_data/rules yml

  • config.yml

  • domain.yml . . .

@anojl Try: rasa train --data nlu_dir train.yml or rasa train --dataset nlu_dir train.yml (not sure)

Although, the recommended way, is to just put all of your data in the data folder, since rasa will automatically figure out what is stories or rules and what is nlu.Goodluck