Small typo in documentation

Version: Rasa X 0.29.3

I had to deploy a bot using the one line deployment script from the docs and while I followed the entire procedure top to bottom, for some reason there would be no reply from the bot over the facebook channel. While I tested on localhost (rest and facebook), I realized that there was a minor typo in the example for additional channels.

export ADDITIONAL_CHANNEL_CREDENTIALS='facebook.verify="rasa-bit",facebook.secret="secret","token"'

Access was spelt as acess and as a result I spent almost an entire day trying to debug why Facebook was not getting any response. I know I should have looked over it while copying, but incase someone makes a mistake like me, ought to check their spellings out.

I hope this helps.

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Awesome catch @kad99kev. Gonna fix it right away :+1:

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Happy to help! :smiley: