Facebook channel issue on core 0.11.6 , 0.11.7 and 0.11.8

Hi, I was working in a bot with Telegram with no issues for a while. Then I decided to give a try to facebook channel.

I was having the issue for hours : fb secret is not match and a 500 error from facebook. After checking, re-checking and changing Apps in facebooks, to the point I was like 99.99% everything was correct.

I tried to change rasa_core version starting on v-0.11.5 and everything starts to work perfectly. I was able to chat in messenger

then I tried 0.11.6 get the error 0.11.7 error and 0.11.8 error went back to 0.11.5 and everything starts to work again perfect.

Not sure where but looks like something change in versions 0.11.6 and up with the facebook channel. Could you please advise if there is any new config we need to change or there is something in the code sending the wrong secret to fb?


Please create issues on our Github repositories