Rasa x some messages does not reach facebook

we have rasa x kubernates deployment on gcp using helm which is connected to facebook channel i see in rasa x ui conversation that the bot is responding to all the request but in facebook messenger for some users messeges are not displayed

rasa x : 0.26.0 rasa: 1.0.8

hi @khatripallavi25, for the users who are not seeing messages, is it for all bot responses, or only some? Does it follow any kind of pattern i.e. is it always the same users that don’t see responses? I’m just kinda troubleshooting here.

Also, you list your rasa version as 1.0.8 - I’m guessing that’s a typo for 1.8.0?

Yes version was a typo

Initially i thought some requests are not reaching rasa server but when i checked conversation log in rasa x dashboard i can see responses were sent from rasa but that message might have not reached facebook or got rejected

It is not like that particular user is not getting response at all. I see after some time i see user sent message again and this time he received the response

@mloubser I’m experiencing a similar issue here. Rasa X kubernetes deployed on GCP using helm connected to FB.

I can message my FB page in FB messenger and I can view all the chats in Rasa X. Even the bot responds to my messages in Rasa X, but there is no reply back from Rasa into FB Messenger.

@memorizeracks I think @khatripallavi25 was describing an intermittent problem, but it sounds like yours is permanent - this is the behaviour for all messages?