Slots filling up from cmdline but not on http api


I am encountering an issue with Rasa Core Http Api. Initially I assumed that Rasa nlu is not trained properly before. But, on close inspection, I found that the slots are not getting filled with values when called from a webchat, but working as expected from cmdline. I am fairly new to Rasa, so I may make some silly mistake. Any help is appreciated.

Update: It is even working as expected from Postman.

Which channel are you using for the webchat? Can you give me an example of a message which contain a slot?

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Thanks for your reply Tobias, but I have found the problem.

I was using the http rest channel, and due to a fault in my code, thhe sender_id was different in each requests. That is why the problem was occuring. It was a silly mistake on my part, but thanks again.