Understading slot filling

Hi All,

I am trying to understand the slot filling but little confused please help me to understand.

I have nlu.json with sample data like

    "text": "I need to report an illness",
    "intent": "ApplyLeave",
    "entities": [
    "start": 20,
    "end": 27,
    "value": "illness",
    "entity": "leaveParam"

and in the config I have defined

type: text

- leaveParam

In the story

## apply_leave_illness
* ApplyLeave{"leaveParam": "illness"}
- slot{"leaveParam": "CSIllness"}
- action_apply_leave

When I call /parse end point of rasa core I am getting a slot leaveParam but the value is illness not CSIllness

Can anybody tell me what should I do to get CSIllness in that slot.


@amn41 @foxjr @tmbo @akelad @momo

you can achieve this either by using entity synonyms or by creating a custom action which reads the entity and sets the slot.

Thanks. I tried using custom action but it’s not setting by just calling the /parse API. I need to call /respond and then /parse to get that slot filled. So any alternative?