Slot not setting, values is always None

I am using variable in my response (name). This name is to be set from the chat but I am always getting None as value for my variable . I debugged the assistant and I see the entitify being identified and value being extracted by DIETClassifier, but still my variable is not setting.

Received user message ‘hi, I am rohit’ with intent ‘{‘name’: ‘greet’, ‘confidence’: 0.9999532699584961}’ and entities ‘[{‘entity’: ‘name’, ‘start’: 9, ‘end’: 14, ‘confidence_entity’: 0.9973213076591492, ‘value’: ‘rohit’, ‘extractor’: ‘DIETClassifier’}]’ 2022-02-21 19:55:19 DEBUG rasa.core.processor - Current slot values: name: None

Any idea?

Did you match the slot ‘name’ with the entity ‘name’ via a slot mapping? :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

I was not doing this and applying the mapping fixed the issue. But I was following a video from the Rasa YT channel and it also did not have the mapping and for them it was working so not sure what I was doing wrong.

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