Slot_was_set is not responding and return None value

Hi there, I have a problem with slot variable. I just try slot basic example without using entities and custom actions. This is my files:


  - i_choose

    type: text
    influence_conversation: false

    - text: "Thanks to choose {s_choose}"


- intent: i_choose
  examples: |
    - I choose letter A?


- story: Choose
    - intent: i_choose
    - slot_was_set:
      - s_choose: A
    - action: utter_choose


Your input ->  I choose letter A
Thanks to choose None

The result should be “Thanks to choose A”, but the result is None. Thanks for your help.

These are the documentation and screenshot of slot variable:


bro @nik202, can you help me? thanks

I have add more examples and remove the older models but the result is still the same

@abdiansah No worries, I will withdraw my above post, so that there will be no confusion for others, in your main post you not mentioned about without using entities; my bad. Good Luck!

@nik202 Ok bro, thanks for your help. I have changed my question to make it clear. I just curious how to use slot variable without entity and custom action.