Slot variable is not providing proper response back

Continuing the discussion from Multiple slot variable is not working in domain.yml:

I tried making more than 20 examples but it is not working. I have intent name and trying to get the name using slot as but it wont response right answers. It just replys the name only written in the examples.

intent: name

It sometime respond with value None. Can you please help me out.

I also tried refrencing starter pack of rasa but didn’t work out.

class ActionName(Action): def name(self):

define the name of the action which can then be included in training stories

return “action_name”

def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
    name = tracker.get_slot('name')

    response = """Nice to meet you {}. Do you have account?""".format(name)

    return []

Can you run your bot on --debug mode or in interactive mode to see if the slot is correctly picking up your name entity? You may need more examples than 20.