Should all utterances be listed in actions of domain.yml

In the domain.yml should all utterances in the templates section be listed in the actions section. In all of the examples I have seen, this seems to be the case. Including the recent rasa-demo example domain.yml by @erohmensing.

In the Rasa Domain documentation example there are 6 utterances and all of them are listed in both the templates and actions section.

Should all utternances be listed in the actions section or only those used in a story?

In my experience working with Rasa, i’ve only listed the utters which are used in the stories and it seems to work fine.

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See Utterance actions

It’s good practice to list them all in the actions so that you can use them in the stories; however, you’re right, only those that are used directly as actions (rather than called from e.g. a from or dispatcher.utter_template) need to be listed in the actions list.

@erohmensing, I thought it was convention or good practice to list them all but this is not the case for Rasa X. Rasa X will give you warnings on the Domain page if you have templates that are listed in actions but not used in a story.

This is confirmed by @tmbo in his comment on issue #4200.

Hm, that’s a good point. We’ll continue the discussion there.