When should I add entries under "responses" to "actions" in the Domain file

I am wondering when I should add an entry in “responses” (e.g. utter_greet) to the “actions” as well?

My theory is that I only need to do this if I use utterances in the stories. This means if I use it in a custom action via the dispatcher and it has no effect on the dialog model, I do not add it.

What do you think?

Hey @ScienceGuy, you shouldn’t ever need to add entries under responses to actions; they’re added to the actions automatically behind the scenes. That said, this bug: utter actions are not recognized during domain sanity check for intents with trigger actions · Issue #6336 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub means that for now, you should add responses to your actions if you have them set as the triggers action for any intent.

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I am wondering a bit why the interactive learning (via console) adds responses to the actions in the domain file. Is this a leftover from earlier versions or a feature?

Ah, yes in Rasa X that does happen. It doesn’t really matter; they’re usually added “behind the scenes” so it makes no difference to how your bot works.