Using utter_ in actions or in responses, domains.yml

Should I place the utter_ fields like utter_hello_world under actions: and responses: both, or only once under responses: in the domains.yml file.

Considering utter_hello_world uses a - text to display say Hello World.

As an example, this old Domains doc reference uses utter_ in both actions: and templates: fields(templates are now deprecated I suppose).

And this latest Domains doc reference uses utter_ only under responses:

I have been following Rasa Masterclass videos and it makes use of templates but after exploring latest docs which makes use of responses instead, a bit confused about utter_ usage since it is also a kind of action(like action_, response_ etc.) so why only define only in responses.

I am not sure if I made my point clear enough, would be happy to have a further discussion.

Hey @Shubham6059

Please use the utter_ prefix only for the actual utterance under the responses section as the latest docs state.

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Thanks for clarification @degiz.