Setting up Rasa completely offline

Hi, I am looking for setting up rasa completely offline. is it possible to setup? Due to proxies i am not able to download and setup rasa or poetry. Is there any alternate for this? Please suggest.

hi @rahult13786 ! hmm that’s tricky. I guess you would have to download all of the dependencies separately, and then move them over?

Is using docker a possibility?

Hi @amn41 where we can found all of the dependencies ?

I think by far the easiest option would be to download the docker image and transfer that to the machine which cannot access the internet.

Moving over all the dependencies manually will be very error-prone and you would lose a lot of time trying to get it to work.

Ok @amn41 but if we can’t have Docker in the machine which cannot access the internet, is it possible to install Rasa ?

theoretically, yes, but I suspect it’ll be pretty difficult to get working correctly. Also remember that any time you want to use a new version, you’ll have to repeat the whole process. Docker would be much much easier

@amn41, can you guide how can i migrate existing project using docker?

  • we have to create fresh project and move our project files manually. or whole current project itself created as docker image?

Thanks a lot.