Set RASA-X in subdomain

Hello, I’m new here and installed RASA for studies. But I am facing a difficulty. My instance is pointed to the following address:

https: // myip: 5002

Any domain or subdomain that I point to in the browser runs RASA-X I would like it to work only in one subdomain:

Where should you configure this setting?


Have you found any solution to this?

Hi @CONVERSO i have found the solution but I have run my system through GCP VM and also GCP Cloud DNS.

So you can just create a subdomain e.g then you point using google cloud dns with your rasa x ipv4 address. You can follow this youtube video that I have attached and scroll to 17:00 min for the cloud dns and at the same time if you would like to know how to set up the SSL cert do scroll to 16:00 min.