Sub domain hosting


I try to proxy docker compose rasa x on sub domain like https://test/bot instead of default https://test i tried all solution with create volume to nginx and change locations blocks and try with create new nginx container and make it as proxy to rasa x nginx and no thing work

Any one have solution to this issue i think its very important in real cases


is there any suggestion from rasa team

thanks for help

can you share your nginx config?

This is an example nginx config that comes with the rasa X stack. You can modify the location of the proxy to point towards a different path.

Also subdomain is usually something else, if the domain is, then subdomain is while i understand your question right, you are looking for rasa x to be routed from a different URL path instead,

so should point to rasax.

Take a look at the nginx config

and change the path to the proxy. That should work.

P.S the config above is doing other things than what you are asking but you can modify it to your needs.

Hope this helps