What IP do I need to set my domain to be able to use HTTPS?

I’m using Google Kubernetes Engine to set up a Rasa X cluster. I’ve managed to successfully set it up and I can access the UI through http://.:8000/login. Now I tried creating an A record for my domain to match up with the mentioned ip and could now access the UI through http://domain:8000/login but after adding the SSL certificate it doesn’t allow me to use https. I get an error when trying to use https://domain:8000/login. Am I adding it to the correct IP? How can I make it so that I only access it through https://domain/login?

You shouldn’t need a port number when using a domain anyway. And what does the error message say?

The webpage just never loads. Am I supposed to be directing the domain to the nginx external IP? Also should I modify something in the Ingress? Right now I just have an A record pointing to the external ip created by the nginx service which uses the port 8000

Same problem here after following the steps here: The Complete Guide To Deploying Your Rasa Assistant

Anyone have any ideas?