Can I link Rasa X to my website SUBDOMAIN


I wonder if i can point my rasa x to a subdomain? example like

@stevelam15 Means, you want binding of rasa x with, it should open in your website?

I guess i have figured out how it works :rofl:

@stevelam15 Great!! Please, if you get some time, do share the solution with us for others, it will really help others. Thanks.

@nik202 I have setup my dns with google cloud DNS as the same way that you do for A record with your rasa x static ipaddress e.g 12.345.78.90 to your newly created subdomain as if you are doing the same way for the main page method just that you key in the subdomain.

Step 1: In your website create a new Subdomain e.g

Step 2: in GCP cloud dns you create new A point to (

Step 3: remove the certbot SSL (if you have done the SSL if not ignore this part on removal just bind and then straight continue do your SSL certbot installion.

if you have done SSL certbot earlier this is the step you should follow:

Step 4: Remove your certbot installation using this command

sudo apt-get remove python-certbot-apache

once that done go to your cert folder where you cp when you got your SSL done to continue with step 5 to remove the fullchain.pem and privkey.pem file.

Step 5: remove your fullchain.pem and privkey.pem

Step 6: redo your SSL certificate installation.

you should be clear if you have done through these steps.