Service unavailable when deploying rasa x on a server with Quick-Installation

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to deploy my project onto a Google Cloud Platform Server and I’m having some troubles.

The first thing I did was make sure that it complied with the requirements. So:

Ubuntu 16.04

2 CPUs 8 GB

100 GB

HTTP and HTTPS allowed

I proceeded by installing Gcloud in my machine so that I could connect to the Gcloud instance. I use the Gcloud code to connect to it and I have access.

When following this tutorial I was having problems with the python version and the sudo bash ./ would not be completed. So after spending a day trying to figure it out, I resorted to the quick installation.

By following the Quick Installation guide, everything works with this command:

curl -s | sudo bash

And it gives me a URL for my website. However, both using the URL they sent me and changing it to the external address don’t work. On the original URL, I don’t get a response and on the external address I get “Service Unavailable”.

I’m not sure if I can share my whole URL but it looks like this:


Any idea on what I did incorrectly?

Hi @MatheusParo and thanks for posting here! Have you been able to access the logs from the deployments? You can read how to do it here.

Hey Maxime, I’ve fixed it by following the manual docker installation. I wasn’t too knowledgeable in the area, but following the steps was clear enough and I was able to have it hosted now.

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