Building an app on google cloud

Hey everyone,

I would like to build a Rasa app on GCP.

Most of the examples that I have seen online use docker but I am wondering if there is a better way to do it with just a VM? Is there a very good example?

Also, has anyone got it to work with Rasa 2.0? Most of the code that I am seeing are for versions that are older than a year ago.


Hi @vijmeister! If you’re using GCP, you should be able to use the server quick-install as it’s the easiest method :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ella!

I have tried the quick install command in my gcp shell and see the following error:

curl -s | sudo bash The connection to the server localhost:8080 was refused - did you specify the right host or port? Installing embedded Kubernetes cluster … [ERROR] Can not find systemd or openrc to use as a process supervisor for k3s

Do you have any thoughts in regards to this? Thanks!

Hm, did you make sure to open up access to your gcp instance? should look like this: image

Ah, it works now! THank you. However, it gets stuck on the Deploying Rasa Instance step - is there something else that needs to be done?

What do you mean by it gets stuck? :slight_smile:

It just stays at the deploying step and the slash sign keeps spinning.

Hi Ella, I figured it out - my instance did not have the recommended configuration. This video helped me fix it: Installing Rasa X: Windows 10 (64 bit) and Google Cloud Platform - YouTube


Ah awesome, glad you got it figured out!

Thanks, Ella.

I was also wondering if I want to set up terminals for multiple users, would I need to use rasa core with a VM cluster instead of rasa x? If so, do you have a recommended type of container (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)?

What do you mean by terminals for multiple users?

Instead of using a ui to interact with the assistant, the user could use a shell.