Separating debug log data by conversation and relating it to different conversation instances

When we run a bot and it misbehaves, we can usually look at the DEBUG logs and figure out what went wrong. This works well when we only have one conversation going through the bot. But when multiple simultaneous conversations are going through the same instance of the rasa_core server, it becomes difficult to relate a particular DEBUG message to a conversation. Say you have two conversations, “a” and “b”, if you see something like this in the logs: 2019-02-24 15:35:44,364 - rasa_core.policies.ensemble - DEBUG - Predicted next action using policy_0_KerasPolicy 2019-02-24 15:35:44,364 - rasa_core.processor - DEBUG - Predicted next action ‘utter_bye’ with prob 1.00.

But how do you know if this message relates to conversation “a” or conversation “b”?