Understanding my Chatbot's rasa-core model in debug mode

hello everyone, I am trying to build a chatbot for my organization to resolve the user’s queries in efficiently and most important accuratly. I have designed some stories on my own and some by interactive learning.Now I am talking to my assistant in debug mode and trying to understand the flow of rasa core in better way. Here I am adding my scrrenshot,please help me to understand the meaning of following lines specially.

1.Logged UserUtterance - tracker now has 10 events

2.There is a memorised next action ‘12’

also I am really trying hard to understand the rasa stories,To build a intelligent chatbot how many stroies should I have to add for the same type of conversation but in different order of asking the questions,As I am getting response in some zigzag manner.

stories.md (1.7 KB)

@reena_kandari sorry for getting back to you so late.

  1. this means that an event “UserUtterance” (the user has said something) was added to the tracker (which keeps track of the state of the conversation), and it now has a total of 10 events
  2. this means that the memoization policy is predicting the next action