Showing debug data from tracker in Chat window

Hi There,

I’m fairly new to Rasa - so I hope someone can point me in the right direction here.

I just saw the some helpful inline debug data in an image posted to a github issue on the rasa-demo bot. Here’s the image…

There appears to be some debug info printed just under the user and bot utterances. Can someone let me know how this is done?

Thank you.

Hey Steve,

If you want to debug your bot in cmdline you can use --debug flag.

python -m -d models/current/dialogue -u models/current/nlu --endpoints endpoints.yml --debug

Is it this that you are looking for?

Hi there Varsha,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. In this case, I’m more interested in outputting debug data in a webpage hosted chat window (either Scalableminds/chatroom or rasa-webchat) similar to the style shown in the screenshot I posted above.

I’m pretty sure this is possible - probably by writing code for a custom channel based on the socketio example, but the screenshot above shows that this has already been done by someone there on the Rasa team.

For all I know there might be an option I haven’t found yet that turns this on.

Thank you for the input though!

In case anyone is curious, I heard from Akelad that the pictured product is part of Rasa’s Enterprise tools.