Send/Upload image from chatbot UI

Hi, We have a requirement where we with to enable user to send image through the chatbot. Is there a way to do this? example or github repo or something?

I’m not aware of a chat widget with image upload as a feature. The image would typically be sent to a data store (S3 bucket or something like that) and you would send the name or the image or slot as part of the message to Rasa as part of the message (you shouldn’t send the image itself to Rasa).

is there any example of doing this?

I would look at forking the Botfront rasa webchat widget and adding the image upload feature. Something like this.


Hi, @Greg Stephens , have we published this enhancement or it is in WIP. We are working on RASA using web widget via BOTFRONT and this feature for uploading files / uploading multiple files wile enhance the UX for the processes being delivered by the bot.

Any idea on this ? it will be helpful