Upload a file through Webchat

Hi everyone,

Can someone please tell me how can I allow the user to upload a file (doc, pdf, etc.) and send it to the bot ? I’m using Webchat for my UI.

I found many topics discussing this, but no solution was given.

@JiteshGaikwad, can you help please ?


Please see this post. You’ll need to choose and manage the storage location for the file. This would be part of your widget and Rasa wouldn’t be directly involved. You would inform the bot that the upload has completed by setting a slot.

Hi @stephens, thank you for your reply. Is there any example somewhere to guide me, I couldn’t find any.

Also, where can I find the conversations I have with my bot through Webchat. I can’t find them anywhere, should I handle this too ?


Most of the work (upload process) is not related to Rasa. I would look at the Webchat git repo and see if anyone has done anything with uploads and the widget. I’m sure you’ll also find plenty of React upload components that would be helpful in adding this to the webchat widget.

To review conversations, setup Rasa X. You can review all bot conversations no matter where they come from.

Hi again @stephens ,

I’ve already checked the Webchat git repo, but unfortunately it’s not a feature anyone has implemented yet.

About Rasa X, I’m already using it. But I can’t find any conversation coming from Webchat. Any ideas ?


I’m running Rasa X on port 5002, the action server on port 5055 and webchat on 5005.

I’ve already tried to run webchat on the same port as Rasa X, but it didn’t work. I can’t see my webchat widget.

can you please help ?

Are you seeing conversations from the Talk to Your Bot page and from the Share Your Bot page?

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Hi @stephens. I was using Rasa X for a long period and it worked fine, I last tested it last week. Now that you asked, I went to check and the conversations’ retrieval was no longer working. I reinstalled Rasa X and now all is good.

Thank you so much sir.