Send HTML content from RASA chatbot

Hello team!. Is there a way to send HTML content from the bot to the frontend? I’ve used the “buttons” and the “image” fields, which let the frontend know that they should display buttons or images, but is there a way to send more custom content?

I’m using the “” widget.


Hi! :blush:

You can send custom payload to your front-end using -custom

  - custom:
      alt: image sad expression
    text: Its not cool

In this case, I’m seeding to front-end image description for blind people (alt tag) but I made some changes to get this and insert in HTML.

You can send other payload like JSON but will need frontend changes to get this custom parameters

Thanks for your reply!. Are you currently using any downloadable widget or you’re creating the whole frontend from scratch?

I like to use frontbot - rasa-webchat but you need some React.JS expertise to make this changes.

I like Chatbot-Widget too. This is a very cool widget using HTML5 + CSS + JS (jQuery). Very easy to make code customizations. :blush:

That’s great. I tried using the last one, but it didn’t work with Rasa 3.1 Are you using it on the latest version of Rasa?

I’m using 2.8.x in production with this widget, but I’m not seeing why not to work with rasa 3.1 This widget use webhook 'http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook' with POST calls

What’s your dev console says?