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Hello everyone please m running rasa on a local linux server and i want to send a request from postman but i’ve got this error commande used to run rasa on server : rasa run -m model\Update --enable-api -p 5000

@koaning Please can anyone help

Could you try running:

rasa run -m model --enable-api -p 5000

Also, why aren’t you trying to connect to or localhost:5000 there?

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@koaning My Model is inside model/Update is localhost:5000 rasaerror2

OK, but why is your postman request not sending traffic to localhost?

Cuz i am on a server with ip ( and when i run this commande rasa run -m model\Update --enable-api -p 5000 rasa out put : Starting rasa on http://localhost:5000

if it is a remote server, couple of things is possible

  • maybe your firewall is blocking incoming traffic on port 5000, try another port perhaps.
  • It is possible that localhost is not bind to in your /etc/hosts which is why localhost is not forwarded , although such things are usually mapped. i would recommend using nginx to safely forward http request to your server using a reverse proxy. even apache2
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Thank you so much