Rasa Chatbot-Widget with html tags


does anyone has an idea how to solve the issue with html tags with the Rasa Chat gui from https://github.com/JiteshGaikwad/Chatbot-Widget ?

If you have p tags eg. the text is outside the text bubbles…

@bolder_pete can you show the problem? or explain with example?

Have a look also here: Rasa Web chat customizing buttons,colors alligning etc - #71 by bolder_pete

But, just try it with a text that has several p tags. Then the text is ‘outside’ and not well formatted.

@bolder_pete I will encourage to follow this thread Integrating Chatbot-Widget ((https://github.com/JiteshGaikwad/Chatbot-Widget) ) to a Wordpress site? in one message you will find the video how to integrate the rasa webchat. I have read the above mention thread, please follow the video tutorial and you will be good.

Thanks! Could you summarize which changes I need to do especially for that?

I do not see where you handle this problem?

@bolder_pete I never encountered such issue mate. Just try this process and then see. Share some screenshot, the thread you share. I not get that.

So using p tags works as expected? Maybe its a version thing. I use an older version…

@bolder_pete are you using rasa webchat? if yes the first see the video. If the problem persists then show us the screenshot, I can not help without seeing some error. The Html tags you suggesting or want to use in domain or custom action not will work as much is dependent on rasa webchat and it is build using React JS. You can only customize the CSS you can not change the whole code as you are using CDN of rasawebchat. I hope my points are clear to you now?

So you say this will not work, or do I understand this? I use

sorry, named it rasa webchat. Do not know if this is soemthing else…

@bolder_pete this one is designed while using CSS, HTML, and JS only this one is different and Rasawebchat is different. For rasawebchat see this GitHub - botfront/rasa-webchat: A feature-rich chat widget for Rasa and Botfront

Tips: While using Jitesh repose, when you try to deploy on a website you will face a lot of issues as it will not support the dynamic nature of web pages and website. I will encourage the use RasaWebChat for your integration of rasa open source. I hope now you clear?

No, but thanks. hought you show the video for Jitesh’s GUI?

Have you tried it with a p tag?

@bolder_pete I haven’t shown you with Jitesh video, I suggested you this video Rasa Webchat Integration - #119 by Horizon733.

I not encountered with the p tag issue but you still stuck on the p tag? Why I have given you a solid reason not to follow that but still you want to stick on the p tag? I am not the creator of the JiteshGaikwad/Chatbot-Widget .

Note: My bot is running successfully while using RASAWEB CHAT, so I am not following any other GUI. Thanks

Ok, thought so because you answered to my question extra related to Jitesh’s!

@bolder_pete you hunting the dead end. Good Luck! Hope you solved your issue soon!

what you mean?! :sweat_smile:

Listen @bolder_pete Jitesh suggested you to use markdown I hope you know what markdown is. And not to use HTML tags. I hope you know the difference between them and then resolve. and if you don’t know I will suggest you to search the difference