SchemaValidationError: 'entity' is a required property. Failed to validate data, make sure your data is valid

When I added a form to my project, after constructing the data, verifying the validity of the data, after executing the “rasa data validate” command, such an error occurred. I checked my own .yml data format, and each one was correct. I don’t know how to solve this bug, please answer it!

@THZdyjy Hello, Please check the error message it’s saying validate ‘entity’ and required property. Further check for training data OR please share the stories, domain.yml and file for the same and do check how to mention Roles and Groups in rasa doc. Good Luck!


I changed the marking method of the entity from the first picture to the second picture, and after executing the command ”rasa data validate”, this error is no longer reported, but I don’t know why?

@THZdyjy Great. the error was related to syntax and training data only. Please close this thread now :slight_smile:

thank you ~

This is weird though. The first syntax should work fine.

As long as you’re satisfied with the solution @THZdyjy, that’s great. But maybe you will have to use this format sometime as {"entity": "name", "value": "example"} and it will break again.

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