sanic.router.RouteExists: Route already registered

I’m trying to migrate to the latest RASA Version and was able to train rasa but when I try to run RASA with rest API option - I am getting the following error ,

Tried with below command

python -m rasa run -m models/model.tar.gz --enable-api  --cors *

Also tried with the below docker service but received the same error

      image: rasa/rasa:latest-full
	- 5006:5005
	- ./rasa:/app
	- run 
	- -m models 
	- --enable-api  

Attached detailed error message.

Any help is highly appreciated.


I have a similar problem, you should take a look at my post from yesterday and try the described solutions.

Please let me know if this helps you or if you find a different solution.

No,It didn’t resolve the issue. As you have already mentioned in the other thread it didn’t work for me either. Thanks

I was able to resolve the error “sanic.router.RouteExists: Route already registered: /webhooks/rest/ [GET]” by replacing “rest” with “chatroom”. Hope this helps!

class RestInput(InputChannel):

def name(cls):
    return "chatroom"