Sanic' object has no attribute 'add_url_rule'

I am trying the latest rasa , i was able to train nlu and core , when i run the rest API - i am getting below error , any help is highly appreciated

python -m rasa run --enable-api -m models/20190529-034300.tar.gz --cors *

Sanic’ object has no attribute ‘add_url_rule’

I reinstall sanic related compoents again.

I am facing the same issue as well.

same issue here!


I was using custom channel by extending InputChannel, but in new version they ave provided RestInput as an extended version of InputChannel. Using which resolved the error.

Modified my channel according to new documentation mentioned in link below:

Hope that helps.

how fix this bug , please ?

For the record what Suraj is referring too is that there are some major changes to the RestInput class in Rasa 1.0.

What I had to do to fix this error was copy paste almost the entire new RestInput class, only keeping the custom tweaks we made.

Hope this helps anyone else who Googles this error.