Same stories behaving weirdly

I have written my stories file in below format:

## Scenario1

  • escalate
    • action_A
    • action_B

## Scenario2

  • escalate{“new_casenumber”: “685900000”}
    • action_A
    • action_B

For the first time, If I enter “escalate” (1st time)as input message to bot, then both the actions (A &B) are getting executed.If I immediately enter “escalate” again(2nd time), only “action_B” is getting executed. After that if i enter “escalate” one more time immediately(3rd time), now both the actions are getting called. I am not understanding why for even number of time, only action_B is getting executed. Even if i enter “escalate” immediately for n no of times also, I want both the actions to get executed. And also We are using KerasPolicy(max_history:4) and MemoizationPolicy(max_history:3)

Could anyone help me out on this.

Can anyone help me on this issue Thanks in advance !!

@nikhilkapavarapu that would be because with the memo policy it only memorises exact stories you have in your training data, and since you only have two stories where the escalate intent gets input once, it may not make the correct predictions when entering it more than once. You can try using the AugmentedMemoizationPolicy instead of the MemoizationPolicy, and also you can try increasing the augmentation factor for the KerasPolicy